Blitzsafe of America's emergence on the twelve-volt scene in 1982 was marked by a dire need for auto stereo security products. Our principal product manufactured in Italy for distribution in the United States, Canada and Mexico, was an anti-theft motorized stereo compartment. This product called the BLITZSAFE became our company's namesake.

The Blitzsafe anti-theft system was offered in Europe as an OEM factory option for Volvo, Volkswagen and Maserati. In fact, here in the United States the Blitzsafe system was fit into so many Mercedes Benz cars that many people thought the system was a factory option. With the dynamic changes in the auto-stereo market and with the introduction of theft deterrent radios as standard equipment in most new cars, the demand for the Blitzsafe anti-theft system diminished. The BLITZSAFE remains very popular on the competition circuit like IASCA for the stealth look and extra points.

Blitzsafe manufactured cellular interface products for after-market Motorola cellular telephones for use in BMW and Mercedes Benz. In addition to the cellular components, we produced anti car-jacking systems, starter kills and RF alarms for cars, boats and aircraft in the United States to reflect the demands of the market.

In 1992-1994, Blitzsafe recognized changes in Mercedes Benz radios that prevented the integration of aftermarket CD changers into their cars. This move promulgated the invention of the industries first electronic interface allowing the integration of Alpine after-market CD changers in Mercedes Benz products. In addition, Blitzsafe pioneered the first electronic interfaces to Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Ford, Isuzu, Jaguar, Porsche, Toyota, Volvo and VW among others.

Blitzsafe's new proprietary technology known as "DMX" digital multiplexing, is the most advanced integration technology available to date. Blitzsafe invented many industry first such as interfaces that would allow the integration of two CD changers that can be controlled by OEM factory radios. The world's first CD / Auxiliary interfaces as well as CD / DVD interfaces that allow the factory OEM radio to control a CD changer and a DVD without the use of a RF modulator.

Continuing our reputation as an industry trailblazer. Blitzsafe invented the industry's first auxiliary interface that allows OEM radio to input MP3, Walkman, or any other input to be played through the factory system.

Blitzsafe invented the industry's first Satellite, DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast), auxiliary, MP3 and video interfaces, which integrate within OEM and aftermarket audio systems.*

Blitzsafe invented yet another industry first; XM Satellite Radio interoperable interfaces, that allow OEM radios to play and control XM Satellite radio through the factory system without RF modulation. And the first interoperable interface that allows the Kenwood SIRIUS radio to control and play a Pioneer XM Satellite receiver.

All our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States. Our proximity to the "frontline" allows us to react to the constant flux in the market and enables us to research and develop new products faster, which keeps our retailers market share intact.

Blitzsafe innovations spanning 26 years created the integration industry. Our mission is to bring new innovative designs to the twelve-volt industry, while offering consumers a reason to purchase the most innovative products available, based on enhanced engineering, function and unmatched quality.

* Blitzsafe has several patents and pending patents for the above technologies.

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